Monday, November 9, 2009

One hour to go to demoing first look at mobile app!

The students are working very fluidly on developing the first pass at their first mobile app to be presented at 4:00. This morning they presented their concept for the "Onboarding" app before the assembled 1300 Masie attendees. The audience responded to their youthful enthusiasm and their identification of the central framing concept. The students identified "story" as key both from the new hire sharing their skills, progress and future dream "position" and the corporation sharing the mission, structure, history, architecture, and culture.

The coders are working in concert, the designers are mapping out the detailed plans, and the artist is designing the icons and screen layout.

As I write two other outreaches are occurring. Pres. Finney is doing an excellent job on a panel about "Reskilling". He is being very candid about the strengths and weaknesses universities and colleges have at working with corporations. As he does so he is defining what the role of colleges are in a rapidly changing corporate environment - and how colleges can lead in developing both the individual and the opportunities for this changing landscape. "There is no cookbook for leadership."

The other outreach is also a conversation - one I cannot yet report on. Elliott Masie ask if one of the designers could particpate in a small private conversation with author Malcolm Gladwell! Student designer Alison Seffels was selected over Heather Conover - through winning in a gamer-inspired diplomatic style -rock-paper-scissor format.

Till later!

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