Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbye to Ray!

Hard to believe it! But I am writing you today with mixed emotions, I am both very proud and very sad to announce that Ray McCarthy-Bergeron, the EMC Project Manager since its inception, has applied and been accepted to an MFA program in 3D Animation. This summer, he will be moving to Rochester, New York to pursue his long held dream.

I still fondly recall the day 10 or 11 years ago, when Ray (having just learned to walk) "interviewed" me as a prospective student applying to the MMG program (the reason he has served as lead interviewer of all prospective future EMCers since becoming Project Manager at the EMC).

Though I know I'll see him again as a dear friend, I will sorely miss having him as a student, a mentee, and as a colleague. I could go on and on about what Ray has contributed to the college and to the EMC. However, we announced Ray’s departure to the student’s yesterday and their notes are pouring in so I would like to share this written by alumni Max Nichols:

“I don’t remember when I first met you, really; whether it was the original Info Lit brainstorm sessions, back in 2007, or the America’s Army project. Actually, I think it was the IBM Game Tomorrow flash project. Whatever the case, you’ve been at the EMC for as long as my (sometimes unreliable) memory can recall. The Emergent Media Center has been, for me and for so many of us, a place of unrivaled growth, boundless possibility, and great fun. It’s a community of like-minded people, a celebration of diversity in background and skill, and a place where awesome things happen. And you have been at the center of it, working hard to keep it running for all of our sakes.

You were there to organize the America’s Army projects, and sort out the thousands of little details (phone conferences, remember those?) that made that possible. You were with us at Learning 2008: helping us research, joining us on the dance floor, helping us stay focused on that last night when we were exhausted. You played Frisbee and volleyball at Ann’s house, kicked my ass at Street Fighter 2, joined in on the fun at Spring Meltdowns and beach barbeques, wrote recommendations, gave phone recommendations.

We, and the EMC, were profoundly affected by you and your efforts, and I am hugely saddened to see you go. It definitely won’t be the same without you, Corinn’s cookies, and your goofy-ass haircut. But at the same time, if you weren’t the sort of person with goals to pursue and dreams to live, then you wouldn’t have been the same Ray, so: good luck, have fun, and keep in touch!”
- Max Nichols

We will be hosting a Farewell Lunch celebration Wednesday the 21st from noon to 1:30 at the EMC. Please RSVP to Sarah Jerger ( ) so we can estimate the pizza count – a favorite fuel of the EMCers. Come join us Wednesday to say goodbye and good luck!