Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Congrats Learning 2009 team on a big success!

Lots more pictures and updates!

Check out the tweets!

Here's a refreshing gadget of our Twitter backchannel!  Lots of conference goers are tweeting their support... and we GREATLY appreciate it!

Drum role please, one hour to go...GO TEAM!!!

Well the students are still working and it is 8:00am. Some of us got a bit of sleep. The designers, Alison and Heather, got three hours of sleep. The artist, Mike, got four hours sleep. The programmers took shifts. Bryan got two hours sleep. Jeremy got an hour and a half.

As for Sarah and myself, we got three hours sleep and Ray I believe got one.

SO where are we. Well we may have the two apps - not totally completed. Scope was got back and there are some work arounds. But I'm not dissparing. Here's a video from late last night.

About 8 hours left...

Time is ticking down and our eye lids are getting heavier and heavier! It has been a very full and productive day!
This morning we had the wonderful opportunity to hear Captain "Sully" Sullenberger III ( the captain who safely landed the jet in the Hudson!). He epitomized the essence of who we wish our students could become—thoughtful, well-read, creative, skilled professionals—able to make the best decisions fluidly under extreme pressure. Here is one of his quotes "A smart person learns from his own experience, a wise person learns from others’ experience and the whole society benefits."
Yesterday Alison was able to be included in a private conversation with Malcolm Gladwell - and I was also able to meet him. A quote from his conversation with Elliott "Success the opportunity to engage in meaningful work."

Well working is what we are all up to. Sarah has been on top of our twitter posts and photo documentation. Ray and I gave our presentation on "Smart Design for Smart Apps on Smart Phones". We had a full room designing phone apps to instruct how to make coffee. Also today the students presented live how far they have come on their app and Pres. Finney was on stage fielding Elliott's questions about the experience.
Well it is 1:24am and Bryan and Jeremy are still coding the first app. Mike is finalizing the art for the second app. Heather is planning for tomorrow's presentation. The rest of us are up late keeping the team together. Various conference goers - now finished dancing to the Beatles cover band "Fab Faux" and a great DJ pass by and offer encouragement. The students will be on early this morning - hopefully with two complete apps - we shall see!

Monday, November 9, 2009

11:34 PM and they're still at it!

The evening is winding down for most of the conference goers at Learning 2009 but the Champlain team is still at work. Here's a video update from this evening around 7:00PM.

One hour to go to demoing first look at mobile app!

The students are working very fluidly on developing the first pass at their first mobile app to be presented at 4:00. This morning they presented their concept for the "Onboarding" app before the assembled 1300 Masie attendees. The audience responded to their youthful enthusiasm and their identification of the central framing concept. The students identified "story" as key both from the new hire sharing their skills, progress and future dream "position" and the corporation sharing the mission, structure, history, architecture, and culture.

The coders are working in concert, the designers are mapping out the detailed plans, and the artist is designing the icons and screen layout.

As I write two other outreaches are occurring. Pres. Finney is doing an excellent job on a panel about "Reskilling". He is being very candid about the strengths and weaknesses universities and colleges have at working with corporations. As he does so he is defining what the role of colleges are in a rapidly changing corporate environment - and how colleges can lead in developing both the individual and the opportunities for this changing landscape. "There is no cookbook for leadership."

The other outreach is also a conversation - one I cannot yet report on. Elliott Masie ask if one of the designers could particpate in a small private conversation with author Malcolm Gladwell! Student designer Alison Seffels was selected over Heather Conover - through winning in a gamer-inspired diplomatic style -rock-paper-scissor format.

Till later!

Elliott Masie Learning 2009

Ah its November and the Champlain College Emergent Media Center team is in Orlando again. This means that we are very fortunate to have been invited once again for an amazing live experiment at the Masie Learning 2009!

We are part of an incredible conference that includes Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point), Betsy Myers (COO of Pres. Obama's team), Julie Clow (Google), Laura Fitton (Twitter for Dummies), and our mentor John Abele (founder of Boston Scientific).

Our team this year consists of five: two game design students Heather Conover and Alison Seffels, two programmers Jeremy Burau and Bryan Hare, and one artist Mike Ackerman. Mike is working under extreme pressure as I write to get a graphic to the Masie team before the morning general session.

Also here with me are Ray McCarthy-Bergeron, Sarah Jerger and President Dave Finney. Sarah, Ray and my job is as the pit crew! We are not allowed to touch their keyboards or feed ideas. We can help frame ideas, field questions, interact with attendees, act as liaison to Elliott's team, and deliver food and beverages.

Last night the team was given their challenge. Here's the video from that:

Wish us good luck and you can follow us on Twitter @CClearns and EMC's Facebook as we move ahead. Less than 72 hours to complete.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Come do a little thing that’s powering BIG change!

is holding a fundraising

THIS WEEK! Wednesday – Friday, November 4-6
11 am – 2pm
IDX Atrium, outside the dining hall on Champlain College campus

Come do a little thing that’s powering BIG change!
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Raffle ticket pricing:
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For pictures of prizes and more information, please visit our Facebook event.
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Empowering Play is a project of the Emergent Media Center, with collaboration from Population Media Center and the United Nations Population Fund. This innovative project is aimed at preventing violence against women and girls. Violence against women and girls is a pervasive global problem, often deeply rooted in cultural stereotypes. More information on the project and the Emergent Media Center can be found at

Also, check out our newest video (10 minutes) on the status of the project.