Monday, November 9, 2009

Elliott Masie Learning 2009

Ah its November and the Champlain College Emergent Media Center team is in Orlando again. This means that we are very fortunate to have been invited once again for an amazing live experiment at the Masie Learning 2009!

We are part of an incredible conference that includes Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point), Betsy Myers (COO of Pres. Obama's team), Julie Clow (Google), Laura Fitton (Twitter for Dummies), and our mentor John Abele (founder of Boston Scientific).

Our team this year consists of five: two game design students Heather Conover and Alison Seffels, two programmers Jeremy Burau and Bryan Hare, and one artist Mike Ackerman. Mike is working under extreme pressure as I write to get a graphic to the Masie team before the morning general session.

Also here with me are Ray McCarthy-Bergeron, Sarah Jerger and President Dave Finney. Sarah, Ray and my job is as the pit crew! We are not allowed to touch their keyboards or feed ideas. We can help frame ideas, field questions, interact with attendees, act as liaison to Elliott's team, and deliver food and beverages.

Last night the team was given their challenge. Here's the video from that:

Wish us good luck and you can follow us on Twitter @CClearns and EMC's Facebook as we move ahead. Less than 72 hours to complete.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Ann! Bryan has been keeping me posted but in very small increments. Your outlines help me understand what you are doing in whole. Thanks so much for bringing this opportunity to these students, all the students you and your staff have touched. I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to see the students get this real life experience knowing how powerful it will be when they enter the real world. And cool to get a conversation with Malcolm Gladwell, very cool. Good luck and keep the updates coming!! Dawn Hare

Ann DeMarle said...

Thanks Dawn! Yes it has been a wonderful opportunity...we're counting down. Today the group eagerly gave their business cards to a professional asking if they wanted real jobs :-)

Anonymous said...

THat's encouraging!!!! I hope that these contacts turn into real bonafide offers somewhere down the road. THanks for all you do!!