Friday, February 20, 2009

EMC on VPR Monday, February 23rd

Listen Monday, February 23rd for Ann DeMarle and students, Lauren Nishikawa and Wesley Knee as they talk with Jane Lindholm on Vermont Public Radio. 

If you miss the broadcast or would like to hear it again listen at by clicking on "Listen" in the side bar. 

Excerpt below from VPR website:
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E-Games: New Image, New Roles in 21st Century Culture
Monday February 23, 2009
Video games have become more than just a way for aimless kids to waste their time. New research shows that playing e-games can actually foster civic engagement and moral and ethical decision making among youth. Gaming is also a $9.5 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone. And game design and programming have become the third most popular major at Vermont's Champlain College, a pioneer in academic study in the gaming field.
We'll talk with Ann DeMarle, the founder and director of Champlain's Emergent Media Center, about e-games and the work her students are doing. And we'll talk with two of those students, Lauren Nishikawa and Wesley Knee, about the role they see for e-games in 21st Century culture.
We'd also like to hear what you think about video and electronic games. Are they a corrupting force, as some critics have claimed? Or can they play an important part in preparing young (and not-so-young) citizens for positive roles in 21st Century society? You can e-mail us at