Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MFA Speaker Series 2012

The fall semester is well underway here at the EMC, and with it the Emergent Landscape Speaker Series, presented by the MFA in Emergent Media program.

Proud to host a range of engaging speakers, the series is part of the EMM 510- The Emergent Landscape class, which explores the questions, “Who are the thought leaders in emergent technologies, and what are they thinking?”

For more information on how to reserve a spot in a future series, as well as detailed biographies of the speakers, check out the links provided. Stay tuned for photos and commentaries on the Emergent Landscape Speaker Series, as well as upcoming events for the semester!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Spotlight- Spring 2012

The Project Spotlight illuminates Emergent Media Center projects and the students who work on them, a tribute to the talented individuals employed here. This semester we have spoken to various employees about their assignments and what they love most about the EMC. 

Murray, a freshman Professional Writing major, loves the flexibility here at the EMC. "I work when I can, which allows plenty of time for school and personal things." He is part of a team brainstorming ideas for an app for Money Magazine, a CBS periodical about finances with primarily an adult audience. The app will target younger generations so they will be more knowledgeable about money.

Brenna, a Game Art and Animation major, is working on a prototype for Money Mag. The app will offer tips and general goals to help consumers use their money wisely. "At the EMC, each person brings what they are really good at to a project, and those various strengths add a creative flexibility to the team." 

Alex, a Computer Science and Innovation major, is currently working on the ViewBoost application, developing information tables to hold all of the tourism data. "It's my first time leading a group of programmers. I'm learning a lot about the management aspect." Check out this link for more information on the ViewBoost project: http://bit.ly/HhGIfb

Victoria, a sophomore Event Management major, is a member of the Public Relations/Marketing Team here at the EMC. Currently she is involved in coordination of the MFA Thesis Show, and she organized a Murder Mystery Event for EMC employees and an alternate reality game for Champlain College's Spring Meltdown. 

Danielle, a senior Business major, is the assistant manager of the Brainstorming team. The flexible and inviting environment at the EMC makes it easy for Danielle to prepare a presentation for Money Mag, a CBS periodical. She will be pitching t0 them next week the information her team has compiled. 

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Champlain Students Create an App for Vermont Tourism

Last week, Champlain students and the EMC were featured in a WCAX news story about the ViewBoost project. Check out the full video and the article by clicking on the link below!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Emergent Media Center Partners with ViewBoost

Students at the Emergent Media Center, in a partnership with ViewBoost, are helping former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture to create a rural tourism app for the iPad.

"The app is a real-time, geo-specific digital concierge system to enhance the rural travel experience for tourists in Vermont and beyond. The ViewBoost app for mobile devices will connect people, places, events, and businesses, enabling travelers to see their route, destination, and recommended points of interest along the way, all of which can be filtered depending on personal interests." 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My View: A Game-Changing Major

Ann DeMarle, director here at the Emergent Media Center and associate professor of Communications and Creative Media at Champlain College, authored a blog post for CNN's Schools of Thought blog. 

"In strong degree programs, students learn much more than simply how to create games. They become modern-day storytellers, reflectively applying game design skills to a host of challenges facing our world. Technology, arts, interactivity, and social understanding are in their toolboxes. Immersed in 21st-century problems, they develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Working in teams, they come to understand how disciplines can work together to produce innovation and value."