Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About 8 hours left...

Time is ticking down and our eye lids are getting heavier and heavier! It has been a very full and productive day!
This morning we had the wonderful opportunity to hear Captain "Sully" Sullenberger III ( the captain who safely landed the jet in the Hudson!). He epitomized the essence of who we wish our students could become—thoughtful, well-read, creative, skilled professionals—able to make the best decisions fluidly under extreme pressure. Here is one of his quotes "A smart person learns from his own experience, a wise person learns from others’ experience and the whole society benefits."
Yesterday Alison was able to be included in a private conversation with Malcolm Gladwell - and I was also able to meet him. A quote from his conversation with Elliott "Success the opportunity to engage in meaningful work."

Well working is what we are all up to. Sarah has been on top of our twitter posts and photo documentation. Ray and I gave our presentation on "Smart Design for Smart Apps on Smart Phones". We had a full room designing phone apps to instruct how to make coffee. Also today the students presented live how far they have come on their app and Pres. Finney was on stage fielding Elliott's questions about the experience.
Well it is 1:24am and Bryan and Jeremy are still coding the first app. Mike is finalizing the art for the second app. Heather is planning for tomorrow's presentation. The rest of us are up late keeping the team together. Various conference goers - now finished dancing to the Beatles cover band "Fab Faux" and a great DJ pass by and offer encouragement. The students will be on early this morning - hopefully with two complete apps - we shall see!

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