Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's in the Air

It is fall in New England. There couldn't be a more beautiful experience. The entire world explodes into flaming oranges, reds and golds before going quietly to sleep. Change and intensity are in the air—life at Champlain is fully awake from the summer's slumber and all is aflame on the learning fronts. I wonder if the students sleep at all during this time. It is insightful to read the student blogs and listen to their creative roar as they attack the myriad of learning instances that involve them.
Likewise the Center is in almost over its head. This month is our busiest to date. The new facility is still being adjusted but we are firmly "in" evidenced by the new set of doors that grace our entry. 
Aminata's visit was all we could hope for. The students connected to their sponsor sharing their discoveries. Aminata directed us all to reach broader and empowered us with her deep intellect. Wonderfully, news coverage highlighted our project. Here are two links to coverage:
  1. To Public Radio station WAMC
  2. To WCAX TV coverage with both a written description AND video clip
Coming up next week is the Center's official Open House. All are invited to meet our students, test drive their projects, partake in conversation, food and emergent media from 4:00-6:30. Vermont Governor James Douglas will hold a press conference at 4:30 to discuss his hopes for Vermont in this sphere. Our friends from around the globe are invited to a post-opening dinner exploring collaborative opportunities in the emergent media sphere.
Speaking of Governors, I just received very big personal news. I have been elected to a three year term as an IEEE Computer Society Board of Governor! It is an incredible honor with potential to connect youth to an esteemed organization. Last month IEEE Computer Magazine published an article I wrote entitled "Standards: Innovation and Value" on the place for standards in game development.

Two weeks from now student teams will be participating in two major external events all about innovation:
  1. Elliott Masie's Learning 2008 in Orlando where once again a student team will be challenged to create games on site with participation from attendees. I will be conducting workshops on developing games.
  2. CIMIT's Innovation Congress where students will act as docents guiding attendees through games supporting medicine and health to include two of our own projects - the Cystic Fibrosis project with Dr. Peter Bingham and CIMIT's RIPS project with Ryan Scott Bardsley.
By the end of the month, as the trees lose their splendor, we will be more than ready to take in the night air and celebrate Halloween. Students have been deciding what EMC staff and faculty, Ray, Sarah, Heather, Ken and myself shall come costumed as. All great fun!

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