Friday, December 9, 2011

Project Spotlight- Fall 2011

The Project Spotlight illuminates Emergent Media Center projects and the students who work on them, a tribute to the talented individuals employed here. This semester we have spoken to graphic designers, game artists, and programmers about their assignments and what they love most about the EMC.

Allyson, a senior Graphic Designer, is working on Breakaway's Facilitator's Guide. "I work on the graphics and send it in for feedback. I love getting feedback, and the EMC is great for that."

Dayna, a junior Graphic Designer, is working on the Champlain College Compass Project. Her focus is on accessibility for the mobile application. Every day she walks by the screens around Champlain's campus and thinks to herself, "I helped make that."

Ian, a sophomore Electronic Game Programmer, is working on an EMC project called the Citizen Stage for the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. When completed, the Citizen Stage will be the social media aggregator deepening the engagement and participation of its patrons. "Shaina, our MFA project manager, has been talking with the Flynn Center about improving their social media and this is the brainchild of that talk."

Ian, a junior Game Programmer, is working on an EMC project called Room to Explore, an interactive experience for high school kids as they begin their college search. Ian is preparing the game for testing and removing technical bugs. "The EMC is giving students the most hands-on experience of working with clients and teams. I'm learning a lot along the way."

Desiree, a sophomore Game Art and Animation major, is a member of the Brainstorming team and an artist on the Room to Explore project here at the EMC. "I like the fact that we're working on things that are relevant and important. They're meaningful and they have an impact." Next semester Desiree is looking forward to working with a team on the newest Microsoft Kinect Gadget.

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