Friday, March 4, 2011

The EMC Waits: Early Morning

It's been some pretty busy weeks here at the EMC as you can see by the project-personnel boards below. Lots of projects, lots of travel, lots of interesting people coming and going. The students are about to be off for Spring break. Many, including project manager extraordinaire, Lauren Nishikawa, are at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.
Lauren, Erik Esckilsen, MFA student Hilary Hess and myself have just returned from separate presentations of Breakaway at the UN Commission on Women this month. Tonight is the MFA Open House for interested candidates. We begin bringing potential MFA faculty candidates to campus through March and April. Next Monday undergrad students Chris O'Connor, Taylor Hadden, Matt Adamec and myself present game concepts for the Center for Financial Literacy's Summit.
But this morning at 7:00am the EMC awaits. Here are some fun pics of the EMC in early morning quietude.
We love our open office - shared by undergrads, MFA students, faculty, staff and occasionally project sponsors. It is a hot bed of ideas and plan(t)s.
Besides multiple grants and business development plans, warm wishes await Julie.
Sarah is a model of efficiency...
...and fun!
Myself-obviously over-extended and creative...
...and surrounded by inspiration!
These little guys miss Lauren and hopes she returns soon :-)

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