Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Leadership and Vision

Reflecting on today, I would define leadership as a mix of three essentials: vision, communication, and decision-making. Vision is based upon wisdom—borne of actively listening, keenly observing, and reliably projecting into the future (often bred by experience). Communication is more difficult as it depends on hearing, balancing, and clearly elaborating. Decision-making is tougher. Often it can be looked at as saying yes or no but in reality it is taking responsibility for results. This in turn is dependent on believing strongly in the group that is being led—never micro-managing! Thus true leadership recognizes that the leader is really the servant. Ego has no part of true leadership. A very strong sense of identity, personal motivation, patience, and true strength IS required.

One of the people I admire for their wisdom on leadership is John Abele, the founder of Boston Scientific. I highly recommend his blog  for insight into leadership and collaboration. He is one who has consistently enabled innovation—the nearly impossible to happen, enriching our lives, despite major obstacles in the path.

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