Monday, April 20, 2009

I dreamed...

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Partly this has been due to the fact that SO much has been going on, partly due to the pressure of insuring the EMC finds financial stability, partly to insuring that the students, project teams and partners are supported in non-financial terms, partly to insuring that projects  in-house deliver and are completed, partly to seeking funding to support said projects to completion...this all on top of normal operating and faculty responsibilities.
This is what I have not been able to report on—the students have produced enormous results: 
  • Innovation Congress successful and we will be doing a variation of it at the VHA conference in May in San Antonio, 
  • the Masie Learning 2008 team blew away all expectations with Teletrust
  • CIMIT RIPS—solidly done and delivered, 
  • America's Army—the online community commented that they may have been some of the best maps to come out of the line recently, 
  • IBM project presented a concept so awesome I can't wait to see it on my desktop and now the project is going into Stage 2 funding, 
  • UNFPA Violence Against Women—presented at MIGS, a digital concept successfully presented and Stage 2 received funds to extend development through to July, 
  • Cystic Fibrosis game project—concepts to be released for testing in a month, 
  • Burlington 3D—models excepted into Google Earth and funding extended through the summer (fly in and check out the models around campus), 
  • and then there's all the other cool projects happening—the video blogs, the wiki, and now Twitter (see our roll on the right)!
But what I have also not been able to report on is our community! We've grown to over 114 students involved in varying ways in varying projects. We've grown in so many other ways as well.
Yet we have so much further to reach and to make happen. I'm writing once again from JFK. Today I was extremely fortunate to meet with a woman who blows me away and if we can create half what she has done, the world could be that much richer. President Finney introduced us via email, as she was a former colleague of his at NYU. 30 years ago despite the challenges that beset visionaries dreams, Red Burns began I.T.P. at Tisch . Meeting her, I felt as if I was meeting a sister soul. Perhaps today more than ever we need to share her vision—a dream of a collectively created future. Red sees humanity first and technology second—as an enabler, a connector, not as a vehicle for separation and disassociation. 

One last dream I wish to share comes from Wes Knee's blog. He begins "Last night I dreamed of Africa...". Perhaps this is how humanity calls out to those who have the ends to enable change—through our dreams. A call to share. Personally I can not dream of a better purpose for a teacher than to enable her students to follow these dreams.

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