Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wonderful Work—looking towards sleep.

The other night, I collapsed. Not physically, but psychically. There has been ALOT going on—all good, just a lot. I needed a down night and luckily for me, my husband Jim took over, dinner and serenade by accordion. By the next day all was well.
So what is the lot—wonderful things.
The summer projects: America's Army, the student teams (pictured above) have passed their first review, final touches are in place and we shall announce and release their levels by October 15th. Look for an announcement. Info Literacy is near completion and looking good. Likewise the Google Earth project is well along. Ditto CIMIT's RIPs project. In that project the team has made tremendous breakthroughs in both concept and visual style.
August projects. We finally began the Robert Wood Johnson Games for Health grant with Peter Bingham at UVM on games for Cystic Fibrosis patients. The students will begin interviewing patients this week. Likewise we have begun the UNFPA project about Violence Against Women. This week we fly half way around the world to South Africa with a team of 17 (13 students, the remainder EMC staff and Champlain faculty). For the next week plus, I want to direct my readers to a new blog for that project EMC: Games Take On Violence Against Women .
On yet another end, I completed an article for the September issue of the IEEE publication Computer. It is under the standards column and looks at standards in relation to innovation and value in the game industry. Likewise I am up for election to the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governor's—an enormous honor just to be nominated!
And finally perhaps the news most able to link all together: the Emergent Media Center is getting a NEW home!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been working with Michel George and Penny Miller to renovate 3700 square feet in the Champlain Mill in Winooski, VT. It was approved less then a month ago and we move in upon our return from South Africa on September first.
Is it any wonder I am tired. I am looking forward to sleeping on the 22 hour flight ;-)

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