Monday, February 4, 2008

Creating in Houston

Ben, Chris, Emily, Lauren, Vanessa and Wes have been through a whirlwind, kept their heads and straight forwardly went upon their mission since we have arrived. 

This is despite meeting the MPI Board of Trustees, being photographed and videotaped and then projected to the assembly of 2000+.

They have gone straight to work creating their games brainstorming, investigating, reaching out to attendees and back to the Champlain campus for assistance. Attendees have been actively seeking out the game lab and providing questions, knowledge and feedback. The more challenging game concept has been the idea of "meet different". Essentially a question of designing for change. Change with a goal of fostering deeper communication. The co-creation model has unique value for this question.

I'm excited about the two games. They have moved beyond conceptual and into production.

From our online project management web tool, here is Lauren's description of that challenge posted to the Champlain College community:
"I think we've finally settled on an idea, after lots of listening and discussing. We're going to make an event-designing sim with some drag-and-drop components, and once the user has designed a space, it will be filled with people of both traditional and open mindsets.
Basically, it becomes a game of setting up a space that has enough information to help the traditionalists understand what's going on, while also adding enough engaging material to prevent the open-minded people from getting bored. As long as these people are excited about being in the room, they can create new ideas/connections if they're standing near each other. The objective is then to generate as many new ideas/connections as possible. Feel free to give some feedback on this, or continue to support us when we need real help. We're reusing the dude from the Asymbolation game, if anyone else is as amused by his return as we are."

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